Installed into the Yard of Delight's is a device used mainly for transferred inmates that show no sign of improvement. This cannon is so powerful that it crushes and compresses its victims into a 'skeletal ball' instantly, leaving the full body skin behind. Miraculously, the skin remains intact (excluding the exit hole) and is kept as material for miscellaneous Mansion-type items.

The skeletal-ball process begins in the Obliterator itself, starting with burning heat that combines with the cool air from the cannon's blast. The power is so immense that a freezing process occurs upon impact. Where heat meets ice meets impact, the skeleton melts and quickly freezes solid around the innards of the victim. The skeletal-ball itself contains everything you'd find inside a human body including blood, now frozen within the skeleton.

*The victim dies inside the cannon during the heating process. 

The inmates of Delight's have shown a considerable change since the installment of The Human Obliterator.


The Human Obliterator