The Mask of Vitality

The creepy mask.

About 'The Mask of Neverending Pain'Edit

The mask, discovered last night by a sweeping Eugene, was the result of a very painful night for a poor Mansion visitor.

Dominic Wright was visiting a family member (who it is - we cannot say; the information is top secret).
He saw Eugene pick the mask up from a pile of rubble, in room #203. Room #203 is also known as the room of neverending rubble. No matter how much the rubble is cleaned up daily, more and more simply appears the day after. 99% of the time, useless things are found in the rubble, such as old dolls and creepy statues. However, last night was a different story!

Eugene picked the mask up by its forehead, with one hand only. He almost dropped it, but gained his grip pretty quickly after he put his glasses on with one hand, and held the mask tight with the other. At first, the mask looked normal (see photo). This is where Dominic appeared, startling Eugene in the process. He asked wha Eugene had in his hand, and Eugene tried to hide the newly found mask. Dominic was too intrigued.
As Eugene turned and brushed the dust off of the face of the mask, he saw all the indents and nasty teeth marks on the face.
Dominic came over and was instantly obsessed with the mask. He shoved Eugene and snatched it from him. After, he quickly put on the mask and both men heard a 'clip' noise.

Oh now this is cool! Dominic shouted in excitement. He was clearly amused by the mask.
It's so warm under here, damn. That was quick! he said.

The rest of the story was told by Dominic, while in Hospital.

It seems after putting on the mask, it doesn't let go. Dominic desribes his agonising minutes;

I put it on... And it wouldn't let go? It was like, at first... A burning sensation, kinda tickled. Then it got worse and worse, like all the skin cells on my face were dying. The mask's face turned evil, and it went completely red. As me and Eugene failed to pry the mask off my face, he ran out the room screaming. He came back what felt like 10 minutes later, with a chainsaw. At this point, blood was oozing from my eyes and nose. I could feel my mouth dry up completely, although froth was drooling out all over my shirt. Slowly, he carved around the top of the mask, trying to get it off. The mask started screaming violently, and at this point I passed out due to the pain. It apparenty flung off my face and landed near my now-knocked out body.

The mask now sits in a display case, in the Reception area of the Mansion. If you must look at it, please treat it with respect. The mask is very volatile, and is most definitely alive.