The Peter Remnants lost tapes - £13.00 DVD, £19.89 Blu-Ray.

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Also, introducing the bNcyKlopedia! Own the beautifully illustrated book, with 150+ pages, all from the first season of the Mansion of Delights TV show. This book also contains all the first 150 pages from the critically acclaimed Mansion of Delights Wiki page. Start your collection off on a high note, with the likes of Mike, Scran, 7UP, Rich, Barry, Eugene, Wype, Walton, Hugh, and THE CLOWN all in one huge book!

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Lastly, we at The Mansion of Delights are proud to announce our very own bnKars have began production! Boasting a 0-60 in 4 seconds, and a top speed of 175mph, these bnKars are made from the top materials worldwide. To place an order, for example with personalized plates, favorite color, or more, please contact us on the BNK hotline. A deposit of £10,000 is required to secure your order, and then final costs will be released to the public by January 2014. 01337 666999

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