The Runt

Said to be the Rookie's son, the Runt is a young boy who always wants in on the action, at any cost.

The bad thing with Runt, is when in danger, he 100% of the time only makes matters worse by getting captured or caught, or getting in the way of others when there was no need for it. Mike for example, lost a brutal fight with Scran because the Runt ran into the slashful Mike-Claw attack, causing Mike to retreat, in which Scran counter-attacked and scolded Mike's face with a satchel of boiling water that he had collected on his food travels.

The Runt is seen scurrying through the Corridors of The Mansion, false aiming at imaginary enemies and sometimes performing a pathetic army-roll yet tumbling each time. Still, he would get back up, reposition his cowboy hat in a cool manner and continue his wild journey on.

Nobody liked Runt. Especially Walton who said,  'I would not go near that little shit. No way. Not even me,' and Barry who commented, 'Lil bish beta stop runnin muddy prints on ma floors, man'. We all just kind of hated him, always pushing his nose into every other business happening around him. It was a problem, he wasn't helping anybody and it was time he learnt a lesson. But, before any plan had been decided, an incident happened to stall it for good. An incident involving Richelle.

She was at Headquarters holding a box of tissues, her face looked hysterical and we soon discovered why. The Runt had slipped his hand up her skirt as she was sat at Reception, touching her private area - a very special area to many people. Since this, he had ran away and is hiding somewhere within The Mansion. Keep an eye out for this dirty bastard.

Mike is furious and has spent the past week at Anger: 60,000bnkS