A new attack has been legally allowed for The Battle Dome's contestants to use during fights. The Slam will be explained in detail for our fighters to learn and use as they wish.

The photograph below shows our Personal Trainer Irigo Thai professionally performing the slam. From a standing position, one must master jumping at least 10ft high in order to release the full extent of pain upon falling back down on the enemy.

The legs of Irigo are raised upwards and out, with his upper body pushed forwards. Irigo's arms are sticking out to help balance him during the slam and he keeps his head upright and focused. In this position, Irigo is able to direct all the power and force conjured through his balance, and unleash it on his enemy delivering shocking results.

The shocking results come from The Slam itself which consists of the palms of the hand, the heels of the feet and even a deadly headbutt all at the same time. This has only been performed by Irigo Thai and has killed several cows, a couple of dogs and one sad victim from The Pit of Discarded Left-Arms.

So, a move so powerful to kill - why has it been made legal? It's for unfair fights such as Barry vs Mike, or 'anybody' vs Gruejor. The Gruejor is the only survivor of The Slam and therefore has been ruled out of fighting against anybody training with Irigo Thai. This is great news for The Battle Dome and in the near future we will understand the lengths which fighters will go to in order to win.

Our first learner was Barry himself but he complained of severe back problems during Irigo's training session. He isn't flexible enough and has suffered from that. Our successful learner is Mikelle, followed by Richelle for her safety at reception. Barry reports watching Richelle practice.

"Oh man. Uhh. I mean, she wearin' those skin tights, ynarmean?" He was sentenced to +1 year work for his absurd comments about Richelle and he will also have to take 5 The Slam's each by her and Mikelle.