The bnKlass.

About 'The bnKlass'Edit

Original BNK Members pose for a group photo in the early days of The Mansion. All members pictured are still around today apart from the masked individual on the bottom row in the middle. A short story written by No-Teeth Keith has been attached to the photograph below.

In the early days, I would remain permanently in the sewers. Around those times, the sewers were generally just sewers unlike today where capital letters are used. The Sewers used to be an underground passage of waste - that was pretty much it, and this was where I'd watch The Mansion unfold day by day.

The bnKlass of 1990 have never been forgotten, not for us Sewer dwellers anyway. We knew everything there was to know about them and The Mansion. It's believed 'they' remained entirely Unknown and only one person knew the names of the members, that'd be Cronus.

The bnKlass were true Members of The Mansion believing in what 'BNK' actually means and living by that completely. That's what it was all about for them, killing and burning or burying-alive the bodies of the 'BN's'. This was during the late 80's where The Mansion had already built to a goliath size, with not just yard space but with what looked like plans to build an enormous hedge Maze, too.

These Members were second to running the place and everybody knew who they were by number. No names, no age, no face, no information whatsoever. This was until one of the Members revealed themselves by removing their mask due to a fire accident that had sprawled out in what is now The bnKitchens. An accident so strange that this story has been hidden for all this time.

When the mask was taken off of Member No. #5, gasps and shrieks broke out everywhere. I remember specifically from The Sewer grids, we could smell smoke and had wondered why. When the screams broke out, everybody in The Sewers gathered together and watched.

We watched as the bnKlass of 1990 chased a small black kid out the Main Entrance. We recognised this kid, he wore gloves and a hat at all times. No-Teeth Candice who is in Sewage Charge of the people here at The Mansion knew who it was straight away. Member No. #5, who ran away from his friends.

  1. 5 was black. That was the problem. And for years had been one of the most loved Members of the bnKlass of 1990. Discovered to be Marvin Colmbs, #5 was never seen again after he was chased away. He luckily missed being slaughtered but his whereabouts remain a mystery for Mansion History. Somewhere here, Marvin lives on. Will he ever show up again after 23 years? We can only hope. A belated apology and many celebrations will be held for #5.