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About 'Thoyd Degree Boyns'Edit

A boyn is The Mansion's version of a burn - at thoyd degrees, the boyn is brutal enough to obliterate ANY given object on the whole Planet.

Thoyd Boyn* entered the Mansion today crispy and smoky. His steps left damp and dried skin flakes all over the place, and the smell? Much like burnt hair...However, Thoyd Boyn doesn't even realize. He acts totally normal and we have yet to discover why.

What we have discovered though, is Thoyd's ability to control fire as a weapon. He put on a show in the Battle Dome displaying his dragon-like attack. When the flames spew from his hands, his body turns normal and he looks healthy and actually quite good looking, even Richelle got a 'tingle'. But, the moment the flames retreat he is back to crispy Thoyd Boyn.

He lives in Furnace Room #2 where he keeps warm by the melting cage of flesh and bone. Around Thoyd's seated position is now mounds of skin that look exactly like Pizza-Skin, bigger chunks containing scabs look like pepperoni. He has no voice and has no problems with anybody - but if anger takes over, he will combust with a fountain of flames everywhere.