Typo Cancer 6 (remove)

About 'Typo Cancer 6'Edit

A mechanism made from wire wool, ice-lolly sticks, plastic, pig skin and copper wire.
Created by scientist Borin Nu Kim to fight previous infections of Typo Cancer. The eyes of 6 (remove) are lifeless and deep that have the ability to hypnotize an infected human and put them into a dream-like state. Under this state, the patient will fall into a blind trance of misery, illness and pain but once finished will be cured completely of Typo Cancer.

However, with one problem.

Maddie who has been infected for months now was our first test subject. We asked her to type out a sentence before and after the 6 (remove) test. Here are her results:

the cat walnsboutbinvthe srden snd catch amoue for.her ownes.

The cat walks out into the garden and catches a mouse for her owners.

Seconds after succeeding in typing correctly, Maddie found herself bleeding from her eyes and nose. Streams of thick, dark blood exited her face like a running tap. She remained seated at the computer screen with her face now as pale as a ghost and with dried blood clotting in her nostrils and sticking her mouth shut together.

The test worked, but now we have to figure out why 6 (remove) causes extreme blood loss.