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About 'Vein-Head'Edit

Power - 1,500
Aggression - 2,000
Agility - 16,000
Speed - 27,000

Moves List:
Womb Entomb
Spine Thief
Anal Plunge
Skinning Claws

Special Move:

Vein-Head was the name given to this beast (no gender) discovered merely by CCTV footage. Pacing with lightning fast speed through the Mansion's Hallway captured this* photograph, as Vein-Head paused in its tracks to perhaps find a way out. We know now that it wasn't trying to escape, but that it was looking for something in specific - something only Vein-Head would know. The Pit of Discombobulated-Toddlers.

This Pit, in summary is full of very confused and deranged Toddlers. The ones sent from 7UP's Corridor after taking too many bangs and knocks that has left them with mediocre issues such as, wobbly eyes, a generic limp and a nervous twitch. These Toddlers just aren't efficient enough for 7UP and thus have been sent to The Pit of Discombobulated-Toddlers, where Vein-Head has been using its moves on a few of them. After this, Vein-Head devours the victim whole and stores them in its stomach (Womb Entomb) where they remain in a boiling pool of stomach acids.

He ate 12 Toddlers that night. Having finished Cockmangling 6 of them, which consists of personally grabbing the penis with its hands, and mangling it in all directions, ripping and tearing it off violently. Vein-Head also attacked harshly with Dick-Eye, which is used after a Cockmangle with the penises it manages to get. It stuffs the 'Dick' in the eye socket of the victim and in this case, 3 Toddlers had dicks spiked through their eyes and up into their brains.

The final 3 Toddlers suffered from a piercing Anal Plunge after a Spine Thief performed precisely by Vein-Head. The bodies it was Anal Plunging were flopping around due to the lack of spine. Each Toddler swung around like a slinky and finally, Vein-Head performed Quick-Birth. A magnificent yet horrifying move, Quick-Birth makes the victim instantly pregnant followed by a birth of a hideously underdeveloped baby.

Situated in the Warehouse of Delights, at the very top of the roof on the ceiling rafters lurks Vein-Head. The feeling given from it, is the same as when you know there's a spider somewhere in your room. The fear that Vein-Head naturally gives is haunting. The Warehouse hasn't been used in weeks.