The velcher mask has been a commonly avoided topic within the mansion, in the last 100 years since its last use. I have heard many people ask the same question: What is the Velcher mask?

Only a handful of information is known about this mask, however its victims have found out everything about it, first hand. Take Byron Daniels for example. In 1952, Byron found the mask in a small cupboard, on floor #48, in the room of metal-bodied infants. Intrigued, he immediately took it back down to the reception area, which back then was manned by a lady named Corella. She told Byron (jokingly) to try on the mask, as she had a small poloroid camera at hand.

The next few minutes were the most painful and horrific in Byron's entire life, and as for Corella, she was scarred for life by what she saw. The second the mask clipped into place on Byron, his skin was stretched to that of the shape of its previous victim. What Byron didn't know is that Velcher's last victim was a small boy, perhaps aged 5 or under. As you can imagine this was excruciatingly painful for Byron, and although it was over in a mere two seconds, Corella had already took the picture. Blood splattered down to the floor, and over Byron's clothes. Apparently, you could just about make out the rest of skin left on Byron's face through the eye-holes in the mask.

Corella screamed, and called for help. What could anyone do? Nothing. However, this ordeal wasn't over for Byron at all. After the facial reconstruction, the mask then let out a poisonous gas. One onlooker died from the gas attack, however Corella and the rest of the lobby managed to retreat to safety. Byron still wan't dead.

Next, the mask leaked some form of plant-based acid over Byron's now-90%-exposed face! He was screaming in pain, and he was crying out for help, respectively. More blood, saliva, and puss dripped to the floor and now it seemed like a small puddle of bodily fluid had amassed below Byron. He hadn't fell down, he hadn't ran off. Velcher was keeping his body completely still but upright, with a paralyzing antidote injected straight into his brain. Finally, the Velcher mask let go of its vice grip, and Byron's face was revealed to the onlookers. Corella fainted immediately, while others threw up out of disgust. The Velcher mask then fell to the ground, and didn't break. Byron is still alive to this day, as the final form of torture the Velcher mask exposes its victims to is everlasting life.

It is thought this curse is somehow planted into the human brain after exposure, however it is not 100% clear. Byron still walks the coridoors today, scaring many folk with his deformed face and tales of the masks whereabouts. No one has seen the mask ever since, and it is thought Byron was its most recent victim.