About 'Voycebocks'Edit

A peculiar Jack-in-the-box type cube. Fun for all the family is stated on the underneath of the bocks. Voycebocks is made entirely of human bone and finished off with a 'silk' skin. The skin is said to be smelted of the victims from the The Pit of Repugnant Bodily-Harmers (and the bones of said victims for the bocks itself). The skin is so plush from the years of self harm that it won't begin to decay until a hasty 2032.Edit

Voycebocks is a neat little gadget. You can have conversations with the dead! Fun for all the family you ask? I wouldn't advise that you dig up a relative or friend or even a lost lover, Voycebocks only works on still-warm throats. The throat-in-bocks retains a 7 second memory of a deceased person (so be quick placing the throat in the bocks). May you want to find out what your victim was 'about' to say just before you murdered them? Then Voycebocks is perfect for you and your family! With such gags as: PLEASE, PLEASE NO! and, *gargles, glurgs, spew* you can't go wrong. Voycebocks: The futuristic game for everybody to love.