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The worms after extraction.

About 'Walton's Bum Worms'Edit

Rushed to BnKospital last night with severe stomach pains, Walton for once showed an emotion we had never seen from him before. Pain and suffering.

Though it wasn't the pain most people would prefer, it has been discovered that Walton has a profound issue to do with his bowels, he complained it felt like a chunk of metal was moving around inside of him. Others, including Nigel said, "He's just constipated from all that junk food he eats. Not to mention, the human hair wedged throughout his poo." However, this wasn't the case when the BnKospital Results arrived early this morning.

The rarest condition on the Planet with Walton being the only sufferer and with Doctors yet to create a name for it, 'Bum Worms' is what Walton has. Big, thick worms with black heads. Having removed the Bum Worms and operated on them for research it turned out that these Worms have shielded innards. This means, the only Worm that has bones and with that, completely solid and structured bones. The bone is shaped like a tube, and inside that hole is the purest and smelliest filling of poo - taken from Walton's bowels. Its said that this poo is solidified and helps keep the bones of the Worm fixed together.

The black head of the Worm is actually human blood taken from its victim. The Worm survives off this and basically becomes 'one' with its victim. Walton has had these 2 Bum Worms for 6 months and they had nested in him, living and breathing from his body.

At 3 months, the Worm is fully adapted and ready to feed. At 5 months the Worm lays its eggs, over 100,000 of them but only 20,000 supposedly survive. Those that survive cannot be removed from the anal route singularly. Walton 'was' lucky, but this new research shows that he has 20,000 Bum Worm baby eggs awaiting to hatch.

What will happen to Walton? Nobody can know yet but many guests and members are relieved to see him suffering.