About 'Eliza Liu, and finding Walton's Stash'Edit

In a cave groove situated at Gruejor Cavern is Eliza Liu, a 'piece of meat' belonging to Walton. Found dead lastnight, Eliza had suffered for 2 years of her life under Walton's control. Bruising was found around her anus and vagina, breasts, neck and forearms. Also, objects are as followed found in Eliza's stomach: 17 semen-filled condoms, 4 segments of a tangerine and lots of loose pubic hair (Walton's).

Walton currently stands in BnKourt before Judge Clements. Upon asking Walton what he did to Eliza, the typist in the audience delivers this piece of evidence.


Well Judge, it's what I didn't you get me?
(chuckles to self)

I met her 2 years back, I'd call her Lucy Liu and she loved that - at the start, anyway. I quickly planned toward finding a way to smuggle her in here. She was my 'outside' meat. Uhh, sorry - my outside woman, yeah.

One week of knowing Eliza, I was slurping on her vagina. This was at night, and I'd make her drink heavily the night before so that she would be tougher to wake - a top tip.

I wanted more, though. And I began to rape her in person, to make my mark of what I'll be doing. She became my slave so-to-speak. I'd use her for everything and she'd always be naked. That was 'Walton Rule #1.

(Judge asks what other rules Walton had)

Rule #2: Suck my penis whenever needed. That was a very popular choice by me. Rule #3 was: Be Polite. And Judge? She was a polite woman. Finally, Rule #4 is to: Let Walton Have Anything.

Self explanatory, really.
' ' '

Throughout Walton's BnKourt hearing, he was rubbing his testicles and penis when speaking about Eliza.

The body has been removed from Gruejor Cavern and is soon being cremated, where a small shrine for Eliza Liu will exist in The Fountain.

Walton has since been reported masturbating harshly in the water of the Fountain. He then leaves when finished, returning an hour or so later.