Recently, Walton has been leaving his dirty undies at the scene of his crimes. Obvious evidence, yet leaving a sure sign of no remorse.

It all started 3 weeks ago when Madz was found crumpled down on the tiled bathroom floor. Sore. A pair of yellow and brown stained undies were left over her head and around her neck, maybe as a triumphant finale to his 'doings'.

Ever since, 14 pairs of undies have been discovered by 14 different victims of both genders, one being our own Barry Slaverina falling to the clutches of Walton's thirsty grip once again. The undies are riddled with gonorrhoea and syphilis, and all pairs are at least 30 days of usage leaving them ravaged with piss, skid marks and the DNA of an uncountable amount of different victims. 

*Walton has put this pair on his eBay for £20,000. It had 4 bids and sold to 'ArcherMan100', an avid collector of dirty and used underwear/socks from around the world.
If only he knew the story behind them.