About 'Wez'Edit

In the Higher Quarters lives Wez. Only known as Wez and nothing more. His raging marijuana habbit clogs up an entire 4 Corridors with thick clouds, through the amount of chain-smoking he takes on.

Crafted in the Laboratory of Delight's, the marijuana strain that Wez smokes is 106%. Average percentage on the street is roughly 65%, as you can tell from the photograph of Wez, the weed he smokes gives more than just your typical 'red eye'. Wez's eyes are so red raw that he struggles to see a thing through them. Due to the strength of the smoke, it tightens his eyes to virtually shut - he says it feels as if his eyes have been soaked in onions, "They are so delicate that I don't touch them anymore. The last time I did touch them the skin slit straight away, leaving my left eye completely damaged."

The Higher Quarters are Corridors and Rooms above the number #80. Wez smokes on Corridor #105, leaving #103-107 utterly flooded in cloudly smokescreens and second-handedly getting all of the people on these floors extremely high.

Wez is not a danger to anybody. Compared to most of the creatures here, he is a great person to have around. The only problem is if Wez is nearby, you're going to feel sluggish and hungry to the point where you can't muster a single effort to help yourself. Wez has been known to simply apologize when he comes upon a fallen victim stating, "I see my neighbours down on the ground, high from the smoke I've left. It isn't my problem..."

Wez remains in the back of his Corridor sat in one singular glim of candle light. He rolls constantly and never stops smoking with a constant supply and refill of his stash. If you happen to smell weed? Hold your breath and escape the area you're in - you wouldn't want to get caught near Wez and The Gruejor.